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The following are quoted passages from past workshop participant's anonymous evaluations:

100% of participants reports 100% satisfaction with the content of the 5-part workshop series.


This workshop series program satisfied both the novice and experienced gardener/growers (this program is for EVERY grower level!)

“As someone who has only been dabbling in my garden for a long time, I did have a feeling of anxiety prior to taking this class, feeling that I was in over my head. However, the material was presented in such a way that I was transfixed, and learned so much. I realize that I just need to start somewhere, and can take some of the tools learned that are attainable for
me, and this is where I begin. Nigel really explained everything in detail that was approachable and meaningful. I might not have the knowledge base that others had in the class, but this was
almost a moot point. I definitely got so much out of these sessions."

“Coming from a farming background with not a lot of scientific experience I found everything to be not only clear but really helpful in removing barriers that had made more science-heavy books/articles/etc. feel over my head. I feel excited to dig in deeper! (Pun intended)”

"I am grateful for your high standards and desire to give us the best experience and learning opportunities.  As a retired teacher, I must say you are an outstanding educator!


I am enjoying everything about this class (driving friends and family nuts enthusiastically sharing what I am learning) and look forward to continuing to learn from you in the future."

“Everything was so accessible to learn.”


“Your informal presentation and opportunity for questions and comments.”


“The material presented was mind blowing and Nigel’s passion and enthusiasm was so contagious.”


“Well organized information, nice pace and good interaction among participants.”


“Hard to pick just one. I liked the thoughtfulness of the way the information was presented, the visual examples and the overall tone of being “experimental gardeners.” I was delighted to get to know a really nice community of people all trying to do their best to improve our soil.”


“I enjoyed the small class size and the virtual platform which allowed individuals from a wide range of locations to share this information. I enjoyed the weekly ritual of participating in this series as well as the seasonal timing as spring begins to awaken the natural world.”


“How easily digestible the information was. I've taken online workshops that provided an overwhelming amount of information that was too difficult to comprehend or apply to real life. This was a really nice balance of information and application.”


“I found the presentation of the materials to be very accessible and really help my understanding of your book. The information covered definitely can be applied to all scales, and while I’m a home gardener now, I look forward to having these tools as we grow into a farm. This has completely changed what I believed about amendments, and answered a lot of questions I had about how the practices my employer uses affect our produce.”


“I liked so much about this workshop. It was presented very clearly and with so much enthusiasm. I believe strongly that Nigel's personality added so much to the program. I also felt that his enthusiasm provided a place to get excited about moving forward in my own garden. I have been stuck for so long, and feel that I now have tools to work on. While so many ideas were presented, it was done so in a very manageable way. I also feel that Nigel provided confidence to go try things, with an amazing amount of support.”

This is what participants reported liking most about the program:

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