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Growing Food in Containers in the City

March 31, 2022

Discussion on how to make some amazing plant feeds using ingredients that can found  be found in many cities, including egg shells, fish waste and dandelions.  The recipes are easy to make, do not produce bad smells, and are very effective.

The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Exploring the Science Behind Natural Farm Inputs

"Host Jennie Love sits down with former aerospace engineer turned author, Nigel Palmer.  Nigel tells us how we can conduct our own citizen science to be better regenerative farmers." 

The Poor Prole's Almanac:
Local Natural Farming

In this episode, we chat with farmer and author Nigel Palmer about KNF, JADAM, and sourcing local ingredients. How do we re-localize these practices that make sense, and what other tools are we not fully utilizing?

Regenerative Skills Podcast

In this interview with the farmers in the Climate Farmer network in Europe, Nigel spoke about some of the most important steps and knowledge in creating your own amendments and how to assess the health of your plants to know which amendments to consider

Judith Dreyer: Holistic Nature of Us

Healthy soils support healthy plants, create nutrient-dense foods, help create better health. It all begins with the soil. What’s good for soil biology, the “digestive system” of soil, is important for us.

Nutrient Dense Foods Without Commercial Chemicals

The fundamentals of keeping your farm regenerative and healthy

Making Amendments for Health

Discussion about making amendments for the garden or farm with commonly available ingredients.

Huw Richards: Amazing Way to Use NETTLES to Improve Seedling Success

An easy way to extract the goodness from nettles so we can make the most of their amazing qualities to grow healthier plants and simultaneously improving soil health. You will learn how to make Fermented Plant Juice

Roots and All Podcast

Why local biological material important? Theory about feeding plant it's ‘ancestors’ and the ability to change soil pH in roots....and MORE!

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The Permaculature Podcast

DIY Garden Amendments With Nigel Palmer: favoring biology over technology.

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The No-Till Market Podcast

DIY Garden Amendments With Nigel Palmer: Foliar Sprays, Fertilizers, Soil Drenches

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