Podcasts / Interviews

Garden Soil

WPKN Community Radio Podcast

The Regenerative Grower's Guide to Garden Amendments - Digging in the Dirt


Discussion with Huw Richards

Easy way to extract the goodness from nettles to help us grow healthier plants.


Roots and All Podcast

Why local biological material important?

Theory about feeding plant it's ‘ancestors’

Ability to change soil pH in roots and MORE!

Watering the Garden

The No-Till Market Podcast

DIY Garden Amendments With Nigel Palmer: Foliar Sprays, Fertilizers, Soil Drenches


Making Amendments for Health

Discussion about making amendments for the garden or farm with commonly available ingredients.


Huw Richards Interview with Nigel

Ultimate for Veg Growers That I'd Recommend to Improve Plant Health

Herb Garden

The Permaculture Podcast

DIY Garden Amendments With Nigel Palmer: favoring biology over technology.


Moms Across America

Live interview with Nigel Palmer about growing healthier, safer food.

Basket of Apples

The Guardian

How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar 

Alys Fowler's Gardening Column shares Nigel's book as her inspiration

Fallen Apples