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Book Typographical Error Corrections

There have been several printings of the book, typos have been identified and corrected

Here is a listing of the more important ones in case you have an early printing

Page 81: 

Compost Material - Green is listed as carbon and brown is listed as protein. The second
edition fixed this. Green is protein and brown is carbon.

Page 181:

Appendix E - Manganese target amount is listed as 35 ppm and was fixed in the third
edition to be 85 ppm.


Page 71:

The Reproductive Stage - It will be the forth printing that talks about the need for
phosphorous during the fruiting phase (vinegar extracted bones) and calcium during the flowering phase (vinegar
extracted shells)

Page 183

Appendix C - In the column for Nettle leaf Chlorine (Cl) is listed as having 0.8-3.9 and will
be fixed to be 1800-2700.
add the following two collaborators

Page 184:


           Appendix D -


     1) At the top right corner of the table under deficiency, N(s) should be N(S)


     2) At the bottom right, second entry under toxicity B, salt should be B, salt (spray injury)


     3) Parenthesis indicate a less likely cause

         Example: N(S) - The symptom is most likely due to N, less likely S

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