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Nigel is a lifelong gardener who relies on the amazing complexity of nature to inspire his gardening philosophy.

After a realization that growing nutrient-dense food was his new health program, he dove into reading and exploring materials that could teach him the wisdom that indigenous people's have relied on for millennia--working WITH nature's processes to harness the power of free, local and ubiquitous resources to grow delicious and deeply nutritious food. 

 He is the instructor and curriculum developer for the gardening portion of the year-long holistic health education program at The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN), a school founded and directed by his wife, Joan Palmer, an educator, nutritionist, herbalist and gardener.


Thirty six years was spent as an aerospace engineer sorting, organizing, and resolving complex technical issues while raising a family with his wife.


When not watching his garlic grow, he enjoys telemark skiing up and down mountains, paddling with bears, and the keeping of bees.

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