Feed your soil

Feed your plants

  Feed yourself... 

Learn how to make and apply mineral and biological amendments using local, low-cost (or free!) materials available in your backyard. Learn why these products will transform your garden into a life-giving, health-restoring, nutritious and abundant food producing space.

Start your journey towards natural and organic gardening, soil remineralization and regenerative gardening.

 Nourishment from the ground up 


Nigel is the Director and Curriculum Developer

for Sustainable Regenerative Gardening at

The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN).

The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition integrates traditional food wisdom with the science of nutrition, creating a hands-on and innovative model of holistic health education.


Classes infuse sustainable regenerative gardening, culinary skills, kitchen medicine, and sustainable foraging to skillfully weave together the relationship between soil health, plant health, human health, and environmental sustainability.​


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