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Using Locally Sourced Materials to Make Mineral and Biological Fermentations and Extractions


The magic of photosynthesis is what drives life on earth. Increasing plant photosynthesis efficiency is a key aspect of increasing plant and soil health. Some photosynthesis energy is delivered and stored in the soil forming a battery that drives the entire plant soil ecosystem. Increasing stable organic matter, tilth and biological diversity improves the ability of the soil to hold charge, exchange gases, manage water and support the biology needed for plant health. 

Growing plants for agricultural purposes require human intervention, a disruption of the soil structure and the flow between plants and the soil ecosystem the plant is growing in. What are the effects you your actions on the plant soil ecosystem?

Experimental Gardener

I am an author, educator, speaker and grower of food for my household. Using nature as a guide, I make and use homemade biological and mineral amendments to feed the plant soil ecosystem. These are simple to make using kitchen tools, and locally sourced materials: Fruit from the plant wanted to grow, weeds, egg shells, sea shells, shrimp, lobster, crab shells, bones, seaweed and other mineral rich organic materials. Homemade amendments are very inexpensive, often closing waste gaps, do not require packaging, transportation or human costs making them truly sustainable and they have profound effects on plant health. Ideas and methods are supported with measurable data. 

Detailed mineral analysis of these homemade amendments has been completed and results are recorded. It can be seen from the data that all 18 of the minerals needed for plant health exist in these amendments in plant proportions and forms that plants can use directly.

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