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Hello all! Nice to "meet" you.

My name is Shannon Zich. Like many, I arrived at this place (physically and metaphorically) via a winding road. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I branched out to explore outside the midwest. After studying, living, and working across the U.S. and internationally, I awoke one day to realize that I had settled in Connecticut, USA. While I always thought I would be in the mountains in the west, I now live in Granby with my delightful (almost) 3 year old son and husband, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It seems that life often works that way. We have our ideas and then the path takes us where we need to go.

As an infinitely curious being, I always longed to know what our ancestors knew about deep health, herbal medicine, and inter-connected living. And especially because, as a child and well into adulthood, I frequently suffered days-long migraines. Frustrated by the lack of answers from mainstream medicine, I grew desperate. In 2013, I was inspired, beyond words, by what I learned as a student of The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition program ( It was the knowledge and the community I had been yearning to find. In the years following, my quest for whole-living brought me to be a part-time farmer and to train as a community herbalist. However, as anyone knows, we will be students of the plants for a lifetime and so I am but an amateur. What I do know is that they are powerful beings.

While I have done many different jobs, including a stint as a flight attendant, farmer, scrapbook teacher, website developer, and zamboni driver, the majority of my "career," (or what I have done to earn a living) has been as an Outdoor Experiential Educator, having worked for over 15 years to support youth considered "at-risk" on wilderness expeditions across the country. Following 10 years with the DCF Wilderness School as an instructor and program director, I co-founded the nonprofit, Outside Perspectives. Spending these years living in the woods with groups of adolescents proved to be a beautiful education about the power of community!

Right now, I have the great honor to focus my time and attention on my little guy. It is by far my most important role to date. It is extraordinary to watch as he follows his learning path, expanding daily. For those who have children, you know, they have so much to teach us about living well! I'm soaking it up.

This past year, I had the privilege of helping Nigel develop his website and get it off the ground. I see that what he (and his wife Joan) are teaching is of critical importance for so many of the ailments of society, on personal levels as well as globally. I feel so grateful for what I have learned and continue to learn from them -- and from all of you, as this community continues to grow.

I am looking forward to merging my many passions in the future, including wholistic living, functional and herbal medicine, primitive skills, food-growing, foraging and community! I see these skills and ideas as paramount to our thriving into the great unknown.

I can't wait to continue learning about you all and alongside you about these deeply intermingled topics. It seems that we found this place through our own varied journeys, and yet the common threads of experiences and passions run deep. I look forward to engaging conversations with you all, my kindred spirits.

Feel free to reach out with Forum questions or to get together if you are in my area!



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